Deceased April 11, 2011

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In Memory

John Holland passed away April 11, 2011, after a somewhat long illness. He attended Bronxville, N.Y., public schools and was vice president of his high school junior class and secretary of his senior class. He played football and acted in the class play. At Amherst, he majored in English, played on the football team that beat Williams senior year and was a member of Chi Psi fraternity.

John served with the 7th Army Troops of occupation in Germany and later earned an M.B.A. from New York University. He met his wife, Sally Anne, in New York and began a long career in selling and merchandising paper. The Hollands raised their family in Darien, Conn. John working for many years with Fraser Paper LTD in Stamford. While In Darien, John earned a number of tennis trophies and helped coach little league teams.

On retirement, the Hollands moved to Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., and joined the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club. For many years, they volunteered at the Mayo Clinic. They traveled a number of times to Europe and took a Baltic cruise to St. Petersburg followed by a side trip to the D-Day beaches in Normandy. At the time of John’s death, they lived in Jacksonville, Fla. He is survived by Sally Anne, two sons, a daughter and several grandchildren. A memorial service was held April 13, 2011, at Cypress Village.

Philip W. Ransom. Jr. ’53

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