Deceased April 5, 2018

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In Memory

Brad could have attended any Big or Little Ivy League school—his natural abilities and the quality of his Lakeside prep school guaranteed that. He chose Amherst, following his brother Harry ’52.

We became friends as freshmen and enjoyed the long trips we took between Amherst and Seattle. We would drive day and night, stopping only for meals and a ferry ride across Lake Michigan.

The roads were mostly two-lane, and the Northern Plains were fresh green in spring. We rode in Brad’s car, and he was not judgmental when I somehow got off the road in a storm and scraped a fender on a barbed-wire fence.

Brad and Don Lindberg ’54 put on coats and ties to appeal to President Cole about my suspension for the second semester of our junior year. They didn’t change his mind, but I appreciated their loyalty.

Charming, energetic Judy was part of Brad’s life from his early days. He wrote her regularly during his first two years at Amherst. They dated in his last two, while she attended Smith College for her first two years in college.

Their wedding in 1957 brought more than 60 years of married life. Brad embarked on a successful career in corporate law in Seattle, where they raised their family.

Brad and Judy welcomed me to their house throughout the years. Children and grandchildren were there as Brad showed himself to be their good paterfamilias.

May Judy find solace in the life the two of them lived. Judy is still skiing years after her contemporaries have stopped. May she find good snow.

Peter Amacher ’54