Deceased May 31, 2019

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In Memory

Burt loved people. He had the intrinsic ability to make anyone feel great. For a man notorious for misplacing keys, forgetting directions or leaving his car running in the garage, he recalled pertinent details of people’s lives because he truly cared. Burt lived a great life. He knew how to live, and he found joy in simple pleasures, especially if they involved family. Every gathering was a holiday; every accomplishment was ceremonial; every hug was heartfelt.

One of Burt’s best qualities was his ability to express his feelings of love. We knew how he felt about us, and he felt our love and respect in return. Generous with his affection, attention and time, he never missed a meaningful opportunity to be a part of his family’s lives. His unconditional love was strong and genuine, and his life’s lessons were simple: he modeled integrity, honesty and gratitude with his words and deeds. One of Burt’s fundamental principles was giving back to his community. He devoted a significant amount of his time and resources to philanthropy and community service.

Burt served as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Air Force, and he was third generation in a family business. He was passionate about Israel, his friendships, reading, music and keeping abreast of current events. He loved jokes even though he routinely forgot the punch lines. He was a lifelong learner, always thirsty for knowledge and ardent in his beliefs.

Burt was an exceptional husband, father and grandfather. He is survived by his wife, Sylvia Albert; his children, Eric Albert, Jonathan Albert ’83 and Debbie Rosmarin; two daughters-in-law, including Rachel Cohan Albert ’84; a son-in-law; eight grandchildren, among them Sarah Albert ’13 and Jake Albert ’15; and many dear friends and family. He will be deeply missed and forever loved.

Jonathan Albert ’83 and Rachel Cohan Albert ’84