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These pages are dedicated to the deceased alumni of our class.  On each page can be found an Amherst College In Memory Notice, obituaries when available and Memories from classmates, family and friends. 

If you know of additional material that can be added to these In Memories, please post them.  You can post your own memories to any individual In Memory by selecting "Add New Comment."

Note: Names bolded below will take you to an In Memory page for the alumnus/a. Names not bolded will take you to the profile for the deceased in the alumni directory and will require log in.
Name Deceased Date
William B. Funnell 09/07/2017
James S. Jenkins 06/26/2017
Peter M. Saybolt 05/21/2017
John Q. Griffith III 04/08/2017
L. Richard Wolff 04/04/2017
William L. Velton 03/25/2017
Alexander M. Crowell 03/24/2017
William N. Reusswig 03/08/2017
Bruce W. McMullan 02/08/2017
Douglas W. Hawkins 11/21/2016
Stephen L. Congdon 07/22/2016
James C. Blackburn 05/21/2016
Bruce Vernon Bradley 04/20/2016
S. Stowell Symmes III 02/25/2016
Thomas J. Carter Jr. 11/14/2015
George M. Crothers 10/20/2015
James A. Walles 09/24/2015
Walter Zanger 08/28/2015
John S. Burlingham 07/11/2015
Frederick M. Smith II 06/05/2015
Robert England 05/03/2015
Douglas R. Smyth 04/05/2015
Jonathan H. Pincus 02/23/2015
Benjamin C. Iannotta 01/20/2015
Peter Goold 12/16/2014
Allan L. Damon 09/22/2014
John P. Eveleth 06/24/2014
Don F. Fenn 12/03/2013
James P. Anderson 08/09/2013
Joseph W. Eades II 07/16/2013
William E. Lange 05/30/2013
Robert S. Fay 05/12/2013
David B. Pilcher 09/04/2012
Ralph E. Greene 06/22/2012
Thomas L. Goss 02/03/2012
Alan C. Parker 10/29/2011
John B. Schwemm 10/28/2011
Earnest T. Andrews 09/30/2011
Gerald C. Terry 07/02/2009
Benjamin Beale 09/25/2009
Charles Durham 03/15/2006
Robert Epstein 01/08/2009
Michael Gask 11/30/2009
Douglas MacDonald 05/21/2000
Peter Tudor 09/09/2009
John R. Waldo 03/13/2011
Donelson C. Glassie Jr. 02/03/2011
George R. Crossley 01/06/2011
Robert E. Pruyne 10/07/2010
Barry D. Gately 04/08/2010
Peter Marks 06/13/2010
Edward C. Shoemaker II 01/14/2010
Gregory B. Hovendon 07/23/2009
Robert S. Eisenthal 10/16/2007
Fritz K. Ringer 02/03/2006
William M. Manly 07/09/2005
Thurston F. Teele 03/21/2005
Alfred F. von Oppenheim 01/05/2005
Charles P. Esty 11/18/2004
Fred Karlin 03/26/2004
Joseph M. Harris Jr. 12/26/2003
Alexander C. Angelides 05/11/2003
Alan R. MacLaren 02/23/2002
Richard G. Fourman 10/13/2001
Roderick M. Rose 05/26/2001
Daniel B. Bias 11/08/2000
Curtis R. Brabec 07/11/2000
Norman C. Amaker 06/08/2000
Russell G. Traub 01/13/2000
Robert A. Leet 11/07/1999
Bruce C. Johnson 10/25/1999
Evan F. Linick 09/09/1998
Alfred Frank Jr. 03/17/1998
Russell Knowles Jr. 01/03/1998
Richard F. Macauley 07/12/1997
Herbert S. Pasternak 04/20/1996
Elliott N. Lang 09/02/1995
Allan W. Steere 03/05/1995
Richard C. Belden 10/20/1994
James R. Atlas 04/10/1994
David A. Heuer 03/09/1994
Ernest A. Oppenheimer 08/16/1992
Thomas J. Hill Jr. 11/30/1991
John R. Phillips II 10/29/1990
Joseph A. Knight Jr. 05/14/1990
Robert J. Flemma 03/07/1990
Charles G. Peterson 10/03/1989
Robert M. Branigin 09/01/1987
James H. Talcott 03/28/1987
Richard R. Grantham 02/05/1986
Thomas A. Halleran III 02/05/1986
Geoffrey W. Disston 11/20/1985
Michael P. Aronchick 05/23/1985
Richard L. Swift 02/16/1983
Arthur A. Leff 11/02/1981
Karl S. Atkinson 05/10/1975
Charles S. Cobb 10/01/1965
Richard P. Barker 10/08/1964
Morris S. Falk 07/02/1963
Edgar E. Magee 05/11/1959
Frederic H. Sherzer 12/27/1958
David W. St. Clair 05/19/1958