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Michael DeShee Clarke
Michael DeShee Clarke

Many of the class of 1957 will be shocked and saddened to learn of the passing of MIchael de Shee Clarke, who died suddenly in Mexico City on Oct. 21, 1964. He left a wife and young daughter.

Mike had gone to Mexico City to continue his study of music and to make preparations for his wife and daughter to join him. He didn't feel well and called a doctor, who gave him medicine to relieve his high pulse. Feeling worse, Mike left his hotel, called a taxi, and entered the hospital. At the hospital he collapsed and died.

Mike, the son of Richard Warner Clarke of the class of 1919, was twenty-nine. His brother, Richard Warner, Jr. is Amherst, 1952. At Amherst in 1953 to 1955, Mike was a member of Alpha Delta Phi.


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