Frederick L. Felton, Jr.
Frederic Luther Felton, Jr.

Descending from the summit of Mt. Arrowsmith on Vancouver Island , British Columbia , on July 11, Frederic L. Felton, Jr., 21, of Wellesley Hills, lost his footing at the edge of a precipice and fell fifty feet to his death. With his classmate and Chi Psi roommate, Paul Zigler, of Wellesley , he had motored to the Northwest shortly after College closed on a proposed ten-week vacation trip. He was an ardent mountain-climber who had gained some experience in the SWISS Alps during the preceding summer.

The pair had scaled the 6,000-foot Canadian peak and had reached the I,000-foot level when they lost their trail coming off a snow field. Zigler reached a highway only a short distance from the spot, hailed a passing motorist, and summoned aid from nearby Cameron Lake Chalet where they were staying. Felton’s body was found by searchers the following morning.

As an undergraduate Felton had distinguished himself in wrestling, of which he was captain-elect. He was undefeated seven meets last winter and emerged as New England intercollegiate I77-pound champion.

He prepared for college at Phillips Academy , Andover , and was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frederic L. Felton, II.