Andrew Bardwell Smith
Andrew Bardwell Smith

We were saddened to hear that Andy Smith died of lung cancer last October. He had been physically incapacitated following a couple of strokes about two years before. However, he kept his humor and interest in life courageously all during this illness.

Andy's career started at Merrill Lynch, where he was a broker for many years. From there, he became an account executive with New York Telephone and NYNEX. Andy's last assignment was with the City of New York, where he served as a staff analyst.

During the 1970's, Andy was divorced from his first wife, with whom he had three children. He then married his present wife, Kathy, who works for the DuPont Company.

During the late nineties, after Andy suffered his strokes, Kathy and he moved to Wilmington, Delaware, where Kathy continues her career with DuPont at their headquarters.

Besides following the stock market and performing analytical duties, Andy loved fly-fishing, traveling, cooking, entertaining, opera, ballet, and theater. According to Kathy, he always spoke fondly of his years at Amherst.

Surviving him are his wife, Kathy, and his three children: Elizabeth, Jennifer, Susannah, and a granddaughter, Isabel (Bates).

-Chuck Evans '57