Deceased January 27, 2019

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In Memory

Tom Herzog, who died in his sleep on Jan. 27, 2019, was a man who had found his place in the world and left it better than he found it. That place was South Salem in Westchester County, N.Y. Over the course of 60 years Tom had a 33-year career as an elementary school teacher and principal, followed by seven years in town politics. He served three terms as town supervisor—a combination of manager and mayor. There he worked to protect the natural world and to enhance the quality of life in his community

He and his wife, Mary Andrews, (although a Smithie, her Amherst roots went back to her grandfather, father, uncles and brother) were active in the local amateur theatre. He was a member of the South Salem Volunteer Fire Department for more than 50 years, was president of the library board, a promoter of affordable housing and, before the years caught up with him, managed and pitched in the men’s softball league. He was an active supporter of the local Little League teams and a Yankee fan. And he was an obsessive gardener, specializing in little tomato plants.

At Amherst Tom was notorious for his ever-present pipe, his Sphinx hat pulled low and his wry and perceptive sense of humor. He majored in English, and worked on the Student, the literary magazine and the College Chest Drive. Phi Psi was his fraternity, and his final year there was notable for the presence of his two cats, God and Dammit, who lived in the closet they shared with Zog, Harold Haizlip ’57, Bill Patrick ’57 and me. Tom loved Amherst, served a term as class secretary and returned whenever he could.

He leaves Mary, for whom he cared with great devotion these past years, and his sons, Charlie, Jimmy and Will.

John Thompson ’57

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