Deceased June 22, 2018

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In Memory

Vic Dahl died on June 22.

At Amherst Vic majored in English. He was on the staff of The Student and the College radio station.

Vic remembered Chi Phi as a wonderful mix of guys from jocks to nerds. He didn’t think he belonged to either category.

After Amherst Vic attended the New York School of Interior Design. He had many years in retail at Marshall Field & Co. in Milwaukee and Chicago. Later he worked in residential real estate.

Vic married Carol Eckert, Smith ’60. They later divorced, and they had no children (to brag about, he said), but life was full in other ways.

In 1999 Vic purchased a tiny co-op overlooking the Atlantic in Delray Beach, Fla., where he escaped part of the winter each year. He was a member of the co-op board. In Milwaukee, Vic was an active board member of Friends of Villa Terrace, which raises funds for a David Adler-designed Mediterranean villa.

Vic’s favorite professor at Amherst was Alfred Kazin and most memorable experience was calling on Robert Frost at the Lord Jeff Inn, to ask for and obtain his signature on Vic’s copy of his poems.

Bill Patrick ’57