Deceased February 4, 2019

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In Memory

William Vickery died on Feb. 4, 2019, at Mass. General Hospital.

Bill was one of my closest friends, an usher at my wedding 55 years ago and a regular luncheon partner at the Red Lion in Sturbridge. I will miss Bill greatly. He was a good man in every respect. (B.K.)

There was no aspect of Amherst’s mission that did not interest him, no project too big or too small for his input, no area of the College that did not benefit from his energetic, wry and deeply insightful engagement. Bill was brilliant, urbane, opinionated, observant and one of a kind. (B.M.)

Bill was class agent; class president; board member and president of the New York Alumni Association; member and chairman of the executive committee of the Alumni Council; and Alumni Fund chairman. He was a Board of Governors founding member for the Emily Dickinson Museum and a Friends of the Amherst College Library life member. He served on the Amherst Inn Co. (Inn at Boltwood) Board and multiple Friends of Athletics committees. He was a singularly unique figure; as a local alum who supported the College as an employee, volunteer and donor, he was involved with the College in so many ways.  (K.W.)

Bill was awarded the Medal for Eminent Service in 1979 and the Distinguished Service Award in 1983 and 2001. The William McCall Vickery 1957 Professorship honors a senior faculty member distinguished by and dedicated to the teaching and research of art history or musicology. The College’s #1 Squash Court, the exhibition court, is the “William McCall Vickery ’57 Court,” where his chair will remain. Bill’s mark is across virtually every aspect of campus—he was a devoted friend to and supporter of our college. (B.H. and B.C.S.)

Bob Keiter ’57, President Biddy Martin, Chief Financial Officer Kevin Weinman, Betsy Cannon Smith ’84 and Bill Hart ’69