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We grieve deeply at the passing of our classmates but take comfort, even joy, at remembering the experiences we shared with them--their accomplishments and failures, their laughter and tears, their quirks and foibles, their remarkable individuality--and the loved ones that they left with us.

If you'd like to add your thoughts and memories to those below, please email them to Allen Clark.

Note: Names bolded below will take you to an In Memory page for the alumnus/a. Names not bolded will take you to the profile for the deceased in the alumni directory and will require log in.
Name Deceased Date
Boris B. Baranovic Unknown
Lawrence M. Lansinger 03/08/2017
Stephen L. Dinces 02/10/2017
Harold L. Scutt Jr. 07/17/2016
James N. Sabin 05/11/2016
Richard R. Riendeau 04/20/2016
David A. Scott 01/05/2016
G. Dwight Maud 05/11/2015
William P. Hewel 03/24/2015
J. Kipp Charlton 02/23/2015
D. Bushrod James 02/14/2015
William A. Krupman 11/06/2014
Thomas E. Rounds 06/01/2014
John W. Vance 03/06/2014
Theodore E. Deaner Jr. 08/29/2013
John S. Papa Jr. 12/14/2012
James R. Bissell III 10/10/2012
Michael L. Scherby 07/24/2012
Marc J. Taylor 06/05/2012
Charles H. Brown 01/31/2012
Lucius R. Eastman 11/24/2011
Norbert F. Winter Jr. 07/19/2011
G. Phillips Kelly 04/05/2011
James M. Karet (log in required) 11/29/2010
Alfred C. Krass 10/26/2010
John R. Hayden 10/07/2010
Bruce A. Warren 09/02/2010
Robert J. Thompson 07/04/2010
Leonard M. Utz 06/20/2010
Allen N. Fitchen 12/25/2009
William S. Bennet II 11/24/2009
Emery W. Harper 10/26/2009
Keith W. Adams 12/01/2008
David Stephens 11/15/2008
A. Nicol Smith 09/23/2007
Donald F. Johnson 08/01/2007
George E. Keith Jr. 07/14/2007
Worth A. Fauver Jr. 05/19/2007
John Thomas Wenders 11/08/2006
Dennis Stafford 10/08/2006
Abbot Gaunt  03/30/2006
William H. Jewett 01/01/2006
Robert H. Kleeb 10/08/2005
Derek G. Hepworth 06/06/2005
Robert E. West 06/06/2005
Christopher N. Horton 01/01/2005
Stephen Swope 12/07/2004
Dwight Cowan 12/08/2003
William Reopell 08/10/2003
Edward Greaves 07/14/2001
Alan Daus 08/23/2000
James Atwood 10/20/1998
J. Harold Bennett 06/21/1998
Robert A. deLemos 11/19/1997
Robert S. Eccles 11/04/1997
Seth U. Thaler 08/20/1997
Thomas P. Bentley Jr. 01/08/1997
Preston C. Brown 08/26/1996
Robert Carmel 06/15/1996
David G. Huber 02/13/1995
Roger G. Mayer 12/03/1993
Robert E. Nelson Jr. 05/24/1992
Edward D. Crockett Jr. 12/12/1985
David W. Ford 08/22/1985
Kenneth R. Gottesfeld 02/01/1984
H. Evan Snyder 03/01/1983
Harold S. Richman 11/20/1982
James B. Krumsiek 06/21/1982
Sheldon S. Baddock 11/01/1981
John P. Davis Jr. 10/11/1979
John B. Norton 09/12/1979
Charles W. Lees 07/31/1979
David A. Woodruff 09/21/1978
George A. Lear Jr. 04/04/1974
Laurence M. Goldstein 02/12/1972
Martin J. Kligerman 09/16/1970
Peter Gardiner 10/22/1968
Yves M. Tommy-Martin Unknown