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We grieve deeply at the passing of our classmates but take comfort, even joy, at remembering the experiences we shared with them--their accomplishments and failures, their laughter and tears, their quirks and foibles, their remarkable individuality--and the loved ones that they left with us.

If you'd like to add your thoughts and memories to those below, please email them to Allen Clark.

Note: Names bolded below will take you to an In Memory page for the alumnus/a. Names not bolded will take you to the profile for the deceased in the alumni directory and will require log in.
Name Deceased Date
Norman R. Vester Jr. 04/26/2020
James W. Northrop 03/23/2020
Christopher M. Schemm 03/02/2020
S. Vint VanDerzee 09/23/2019
Theodore O. Alcaide 08/08/2019
Wilson H. DeCamp II 03/14/2019
Thomas C. Gorman 12/15/2018
Rody P. Biggert 11/15/2018
Eric D. Lanphere 11/09/2018
Arch T. Hodge 11/07/2018
Howard B. Wolman 10/11/2018
Ronald E. Sherman 09/15/2018
David M. Hicks 07/09/2018
Peyton F. McLamb Jr. 06/16/2018
Culver A. Hooker 06/07/2018
John H. Condit 05/16/2018
Michael N. Abodeely Jr. 04/12/2018
Martin L. Feingold 03/16/2018
Ronald E. Ohl 12/27/2017
William C. Hannemann 12/07/2017
Lawrence M. Lansinger 03/08/2017
Stephen L. Dinces 02/10/2017
Harold L. Scutt Jr. 07/17/2016
James N. Sabin 05/11/2016
Richard R. Riendeau 04/20/2016
David A. Scott 01/05/2016
Samuel L. Eichenfield 12/06/2015
G. Dwight Maud 05/11/2015
William P. Hewel 03/24/2015
J. Kipp Charlton 02/23/2015
D. Bushrod James 02/14/2015
William A. Krupman 11/06/2014
Thomas E. Rounds 06/01/2014
John W. Vance 03/06/2014
Theodore E. Deaner Jr. 08/29/2013
John S. Papa Jr. 12/14/2012
James R. Bissell III 10/10/2012
Michael L. Scherby 07/24/2012
Marc J. Taylor 06/05/2012
Charles H. Brown 01/31/2012
Lucius R. Eastman 11/24/2011
Norbert F. Winter Jr. 07/19/2011
G. Phillips Kelly 04/05/2011
James M. Karet (log in required) 11/29/2010
Alfred C. Krass 10/26/2010
John R. Hayden 10/07/2010
Bruce A. Warren 09/02/2010
Robert J. Thompson 07/04/2010
Leonard M. Utz 06/20/2010
Allen N. Fitchen 12/25/2009
William S. Bennet II 11/24/2009
Emery W. Harper 10/26/2009
Keith W. Adams 12/01/2008
David Stephens 11/15/2008
A. Nicol Smith 09/23/2007
Donald F. Johnson 08/01/2007
George E. Keith Jr. 07/14/2007
Worth A. Fauver Jr. 05/19/2007
James B. French III 02/18/2007
John Thomas Wenders 11/08/2006
Dennis Stafford 10/08/2006
Abbot Gaunt  03/30/2006
William H. Jewett 01/01/2006
Robert H. Kleeb 10/08/2005
Derek G. Hepworth 06/06/2005
Robert E. West 06/06/2005
Christopher N. Horton 01/01/2005
Stephen Swope 12/07/2004
Harold T. Volmer 07/13/2004
Dick N. Edwards 03/11/2004
Dwight Cowan 12/08/2003
William Reopell 08/10/2003
Edward Greaves 07/14/2001
Alan Daus 08/23/2000
James Atwood 10/20/1998
J. Harold Bennett 06/21/1998
Robert A. deLemos 11/19/1997
Robert S. Eccles 11/04/1997
Seth U. Thaler 08/20/1997
Thomas P. Bentley Jr. 01/08/1997
Preston C. Brown 08/26/1996
Robert Carmel 06/15/1996
David G. Huber 02/13/1995
Roger G. Mayer 12/03/1993
Robert E. Nelson Jr. 05/24/1992
Edward D. Crockett Jr. 12/12/1985
David W. Ford 08/22/1985
Kenneth R. Gottesfeld 02/01/1984
H. Evan Snyder 03/01/1983
Harold S. Richman 11/20/1982
James B. Krumsiek 06/21/1982
Sheldon S. Baddock 11/01/1981
John P. Davis Jr. 10/11/1979
John B. Norton 09/12/1979
Charles W. Lees 07/31/1979
David A. Woodruff 09/21/1978
George A. Lear Jr. 04/04/1974
Laurence M. Goldstein 02/12/1972
Martin J. Kligerman 09/16/1970
Peter Gardiner 10/22/1968
Boris B. Baranovic Unknown
Yves M. Tommy-Martin Unknown