Deceased June 5, 2012

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In Memory

Marc Taylor in 1958 Marc Taylor died on June 5, 2012, after a brief illness. Marc earned the love and respect of everyone whose paths he crossed. His basic intelligence was at the top of human ability; he excelled at everything he attempted, and he accomplished much. He devoted his vast abilities to thousands of individuals, one at a time, as a physician; and to everyone, as a national environmental leader.

Marc enjoyed a loving marriage with his wife, Jan, and he was a model father to Ann Vileisis, Regina Kresll, to their husbands and to their grandchildren, Hayden, Eric and Liesl.

Marc Taylor - 1958 Marc loved Amherst and graduated summa cum laude, majoring in psychology. After medical school at Columbia University, Marc completed his internship, residency and post-doctoral fellowship at Yale, where he also served as clinical associate professor.

Marc Taylor in July 2005 In 1971, Marc established a medical partnership in the central Connecticut town of Southbury, where he served the needs of thousands of people over many years. Marc was a superb physician. He had a bedside manner which radiated his empathy for his patients, and he was regularly voted by his peers to be one of the best doctors in Connecticut.

Marc Taylor in September 2005 In 1997, Marc turned his attention to clean water and river conservation. He founded an organization to promote the cleanliness of the Pomperaug River, along which he lived, and he quickly became a national expert. He was awarded numerous honors for his tireless work protecting rivers and was elected chairman of the River Network, a national organization devoted to rivers and watershed protection.

Marc was a quiet, kind and generous person. Everyone liked and respected him, and upon his death, flags on all town buildings in Southbury were flown at half-staff to honor his life and his accomplishments.

Martin R. Gold ’58

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