imageMARTIN J. KLIGERMAN (1936-1970)

Marty Kligerman graduated from Amherst magna cum laude, He was a member of the Masquers, the Bond Fifteen and Phi Beta Kappa. Two years later he received an MA in classics as a Woodrow Wilson Fellow at Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Marty then switched interests to medicine and enrolled in Yale Medical School, receiving his MD in 1964. He was elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha medical fraternity in recognition of his outstanding Yale record.

Marty interned for one year at the Philadelphia General Hospital and then entered the Peace Corps where he served in Turkey. He was chief resident of the West Haven, Conn., Veterans Administration Hospital, and in 1970 started a psychiatric practice in New Haven. He also became clinical instructor in psychiatry at
Yale Medical School.

Marty died unexpectedly in 1970. The details remain unclear. A press release from the Yale Department of Psychiatry noted “His death brought sorrow and grief to his family, academic associates, patients and friends.” A memorial service was later held at Yale, and a memorial fund existed for some years bearing Marty’s name at the Yale Medical Library.

Martin James Kligerman died in New Haven, Sept. 16, 1970.


Marty (r.) at Philosophy Club meeting
with the manditory pipe
(L. to r.) Marty, next to Roger Porter and Pete Strauss,
in the Masquers' group picture from the 1958 Olio