ROGER MAYER (1936-1993)

“Roger’s undying devotion to his family of origin and their business that he helped develop and form; the love and concern that he had for me as his wife, and our four sons; and his unceasing interest and joy in all friendships gathered along the way – all this has left us with an everlasting legacy of love!

“His humble pride in a lifetime of integrity and hard work, and the pouring out of all his good qualities into his endeavors and relationships, leaves us with respect and devotion for this never-to-be-forgotten man.

“His wonderful sense of humor, as well as his determination to give everything ‘his very best shot,’ has reappeared in the personalities of our four sons and their children.

“Some of Roger’s qualities were a quiet, unbiased and uncensored intelligence, tempered with the ability to portray facts realistically as everyday events. He enabled us to ‘peep into the future’ by comparing his contemporary insights to past historical events.

“Perhaps the one quality we found most endearing was Roger’s ability to see through all pretensions and get straight to the heart of a person or a situation; and to see them with eyes of love and understanding from a genuine, intuitive perspective.”


In 1993 Roger and Ann were in retirement transition from Texas to Naples, Fla. His death at the end of the year came without warning. Ann later married Sam Scaffidi. They share their lives in homes in Hartland, Wisc., and Bonita Springs, Fla. Ann’s eldest son, Brad, is now a vice president and trust officer in Chicago with a beautiful new baby, Nora. Second son Charlie lives with his wife and four kids near Dallas, where Charlie is one of Chubb Insurance’s top attorneys.

“His ability to see through all pretensions....”

Son Michael is a counselor helping children in McKinney, Texas. And Carl David, his wife and two kids also live in the McKinney area, where he is in the job location and dirt-moving businesses. Ann concludes “Combined with Sam’s family, our grand total of children is nine, our grandchildren are 23, and the great-grandchildren are already at three!”

Roger Gottfried Mayer died suddenly of heart failure Dec. 3, 1993.

Ann and Roger in the early ’90s, with their four sons (l. to r.): Brad, Charlie, Mike and David