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These pages are dedicated to the deceased alumni of our class.  On each page can be found an Amherst College In Memory Notice, obituaries when available and Memories from classmates, family and friends. 

If you know of additional material that can be added to these In Memories, please post them.  You can post your own memories to any individual In Memory by selecting "Add New Comment."

Note: Names bolded below will take you to an In Memory page for the alumnus/a. Names not bolded will take you to the profile for the deceased in the alumni directory and will require log in.
Name Deceased Date
Henry S. Poler 05/14/2016
Joseph G. Beckford 04/05/2016
Robert G. Moorhead 10/16/2015
Joel Goldin 08/21/2015
Stephen L. Vibber 07/16/2008
Craig W. Schopf 02/27/2015
O. Rolfe Eastman Jr. 02/04/2015
Bruce H. Miller 12/22/2014
Stephen Gurko 09/24/2014
William L. McQuillan 02/23/2014
James H. Ewing 12/22/2013
Stanley D. Lelewer 11/30/2013
Bruce D. Bent 06/23/2013
Peter D. Ribicoff 04/03/2013
Jans M. Carlen 03/20/2013
James R. Newpart 06/01/2007
Richard L. Wooten 01/28/2013
Charles M. Smith 12/21/2012
Thomas B. Cornell 12/07/2012
Lawrence D. Posner 12/05/2012
John S. Klein 04/27/2012
Derrick E. McGavic 04/28/2012
James F. Powers 02/22/2012
D. Dax Taylor December, 2011
Albert B. Glickman 04/21/2011
Jonathan D. Boyer 03/22/2011
Warren R. Leonard 06/01/2010
Kenneth P. Zauber 05/14/2010
Markley E. Opdyke 03/01/2010
John W. Dean 11/24/2009
Anthony Hazen 01/30/2010
Brock T. Carter 12/25/2009
Bradford J. Johnson 09/27/2008
David S. Wollan 08/25/2008
Peter K. Garson 08/09/2008
Norris B. Lyle 03/11/2008
John Deligeorges, M.D. 06/11/2007
Richard A. Cook 06/05/2007
James L. Guetti, Jr. 01/11/2007
Kenneth D. Shearer, Jr. 10/15/2005
Joseph D. Shields III 10/07/2005
Eugene P. Angrist 08/25/2005
John C. Close 10/21/2004
James M. Flanigan 01/22/2004
Robert H. Margulis, M.D. 10/17/2003
George M. Creamer, Jr. 10/06/2003
Jay C. Rippard 04/08/2003
Peter D. Stern, M.D. 12/16/2002
Mark W. Estrin 11/06/2002
Isaiah T. Creswell, Jr. 06/12/2002
Robert H. McLean, M.D. 05/03/2001
James K. Medelman, M.D. 01/11/2001
Murray I. Litmans 05/22/2000
Miguel R. Alonso, M.D. 08/30/1999
Richard G. Mannheim, Jr. 05/03/1999
Adrian W. Throop 04/15/1999
Winthrop K. Edey 02/22/1999
Thomas C. Spater 07/08/1998
Arthur C. Johnson 03/15/1998
Sanders T. Frank, M.D. 09/14/1997
Gordon S. Edwards 06/03/1997
D. Brewster Parker 09/29/1994
Barry D. Maurer 07/09/1994
Reynold T. J. Abruzzi, Jr. 10/26/1992
Hubert C. Crowley 11/12/1991
Timothy F. Graves 09/11/1990
Bruce J. Havighurst 08/03/1990
Scott Churchill Leland 02/27/1988
Donald L. Linton 09/28/1986
John W. Freels, Jr. 06/16/1985
Robert S. Jason, Jr. 02/11/1985
Peter M. Conklin 10/10/1977
Charles D. Yegian 08/29/1972
Richard G. Sucsy 10/09/1966
James W. Finn 10/24/1962
Edward B. Schroeder 12/21/1956
Henry F. Callard 07/01/1956