Kenneth P. Zauber ’59 died May 14, 2010.
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Ken Zauber should have written a book. His road less traveled coursed winding trails, challenging hills and horrendous valleys.

            I met Ken on the freshman cross-country course. His wiry athletic frame was built for stamina and endurance, characteristics that served him well. He was a competitive and agile athlete and continued to be throughout his life.

            Following Cornell Law School, Ken returned to New Jersey, becoming a political heavyweight in Mercer County. Along this political path, Ken was assistant U.S. Attorney where he won 59 out of the 59 cases he took to trial. He loved that number.

            In his 40’s, he met attorney Susan Howard, his soul mate who stood by him throughout his ordeals.

            In the early 1980s, the dark side closed in when Ken became addicted to his meds. He made bad choices with the wrong people and, in 1985, wound up being a co-defendant in a RICO conspiracy, was disbarred and served 18 months in federal prison. Upon release, he became of counsel to Michael Graves, the renowned architect and designer.

            Ken made a wonderful choice to join his buddies at our 50th, days after Susan’s death. He quickly established a $100,000 Susan Howard Zauber scholarship at Amherst. He grieved immensely. Many implored him to find professional help. His last months were a mess, and he just couldn’t move forward. Sadly, he solved his sadness in his own way.

            Ken was a cheerleader of people and causes important to him. He was an energy source, appreciative of friends and loyal to Amherst.  Ken’s pride helped him survive the professional drubbing and personal shame. He came back to serve those around him. George Betke adds, “It’s sad that he ran out of time to regain his erstwhile contagious enthusiasm for life.”   

            Sleep well, our brother. You are in a better place.

—Hank Poler ’59

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