Deceased September 24, 2014

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In Memory

Steve Gurko passed away at the age of 75 on Sept. 24. He had lived in Summit County, Colo., since 1979. Steve had a passion for hiking and met literally hundreds of people over the years on the trails of Mount Royal, Peak One, Victoria and the Tenmile.

He was a very successful tax and estate planning attorney until his retirement in 1998. His true passion, though, was investing in people. Steve was an elder of the Rocky Mountain Bible Church of Frisco, a nondenominational evangelical congregation. After his retirement, he began Spanish Bible Fellowship and ministered to the Spanish-speaking population of Summit County. In addition to his Spanish outreach, Steve had a deep desire to minister to the poor and the orphaned.

Steve’s love of the outdoors precipitated his move of himself and his practice from Denver to Frisco. He never missed an opportunity while walking, hiking or riding the Summit Stage to stop and engage foreigners in conversation; he mastered French, Spanish, German and Russian. It was reported that there wasn’t a dry eye at his well-attended funeral.

Rick Sears ’59

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