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These pages are dedicated to the deceased alumni of our class.  On each page can be found an Amherst College In Memory Notice, obituaries when available and Memories from classmates, family and friends. 

If you know of additional material that can be added to these In Memories, please post them.  You can post your own memories to any individual In Memory by selecting "Add New Comment."

Note: Names bolded below will take you to an In Memory page for the alumnus/a. Names not bolded will take you to the profile for the deceased in the alumni directory and will require log in.
Name Deceased Date
John A. Quisenberry 04/09/2020
John G. Cross 04/05/2020
Peter A. Gross 03/20/2020
Richard B. Ferguson 01/18/2020
Stephen L. Nisbet 12/01/2019
James M. Newcomer 08/03/2019
John B. Bartlett 07/17/2019
Daniel A. Guthrie 07/01/2019
Bruce E. Northrup 07/13/2019
Timothy F. Woodbridge 06/09/2019
Leonard S. Newcomb 05/14/2019
David E. Powell 04/00/2019
Morris F. Wise 03/06/2019
Peter R. Gilbert 01/22/2019
Jay G. Barnett 11/13/2018
Robert L. McRoberts 07/29/2018
William M. Weiant 09/24/2017
Phillip H. McClure 02/18/2017
Stephen B. Rohrbaugh 06/01/2016
Edwin A. Huston 05/04/2016
Reaves E. Strobel Jr. 04/05/2016
Charles A. Flood 12/23/2015
Roscoe C. Lewis III 12/12/2015
G. Robert Ittel 12/09/2015
Kent C. Owen 12/05/2015
John Neubauer 10/05/2015
David V. Fauvre 03/16/2015
William E. Heaton 01/06/2015
James J. Healy 01/01/2014
Thomas V. Swearengen 11/03/2013
Putnam P. Breed 09/18/2013
Frederic S. Snyder 06/18/2013
Thomas Paterson Brown 06/06/2012
J. Gary Taylor 04/21/2012
Roger S. Pratt 12/11/2011
David G. Funk 06/05/2011
Owen R. Connolly 06/02/2011
Jeffrey F. Snyder 02/28/2010
Robert L. Woodbury 09/12/2009
Richard J. Clark 08/11/2009
Malcolm F. Nicol 05/07/2009
Richard Nicholls 03/14/2009
John G. Buchanan 11/12/2007
Fred E. Kelley 07/18/2007
Tim Dalsimer 07/10/2007
Henry Donald Parry 06/27/2007
Robert A. Jewett 02/23/2007
Joseph K. Moriarty 12/16/2006
Frederick B. Plowman 06/03/2005
John B. Durrell 06/03/2005
David F. Bradford 02/22/2005
Julius C. Allen 02/10/2005
Alan R. Wentzel 04/30/2004
John L. McDowell III 02/09/2002
Milutin L. Perichitch 05/31/2001
William H. Cromley, Jr. 04/12/2001
Ward B. Lewis, Jr. 03/01/2001
Philip M. Hatfield, M.D. 01/29/2001
John W. McKenna 01/16/2001
Walter G. Jolley 09/25/2000
Rex S. Clements, Jr. 05/02/1999
Harold K. Wood, Jr. 11/14/1996
John N. Knapp 06/12/1994
Thomas B. Shick 02/11/1994
Paul D. Zimmerman 03/02/1993
Daniel B. Bump 11/15/1992
John R. Cornell 09/26/1990
Peter W. Westcott 03/21/1990
Nicholas W. G. Wilder 05/12/1989
Robert L. Leach 03/23/1987
Darold I. Greek, Jr. 03/03/1976
Arthur G. Slobodin 09/26/1970
Robert P. Powell 09/16/1967
Thomas C. Ham II 09/20/1963
Frederick A. Parker, Jr. 10/27/1962
Peter B. Howe 12/08/1958
J. Stanley Johnson, Jr. 11/11/1979
John F. Bastian Summer of 1984
Edward M. Simms July, 1972
Stuart W. Cook, Jr. July, 1972