Deceased May 4, 2016

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In Memory

With great sorrow I note the passing of Ed Huston in May 2016. We became friends sophomore year and were roommates at Chi Phi as juniors and seniors. Ed was very intelligent, getting great grades and graduating magna cum laude without excessive studying. He probably studied harder at Harvard Business School where he was named one of very few first year Baker Scholars.

Ed was as kind as he was smart. One thing that galled him was unfairness which he did his best to correct. Ed served as Chi Phi president and enjoyed a good party. When he smiled, his lips would curl up giving him a mischievous look. Small gatherings were his forte. I remember him convulsing an entire room with his hilarious enactment of religious rituals.

Ed and Jane were married in 1966 with several Amherst people present. They were planning a 50th anniversary event and remained closest friends, not just spouses. After his retirement ten years ago, they became more excited about traveling and enjoyed three cruises including visits to Istanbul and St. Petersburg.

Ed had a very successful career. He was chief financial officer and vice-chairman at Ryder. He became chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. He helped upgrade the arts in South Florida. He was a Miami City Ballet board member, president of the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art, and chairman of Miami’s public TV station.

I saw Ed and Jane several times when I moved to Florida 20 years ago. I anticipated seeing them at 1960 class reunions. Before each reunion, I planned to call and urge them to attend, and now I truly regret not having done so.

Ed’s passing will leave a huge gap for Jane and his family, particularly his brother, John. He certainly will be missed by all who knew him at Amherst and elsewhere.

Art Caponi ’60

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