Deceased June 18, 2013

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In Memory

At Amherst Fritz was a deliberate and thoughtful person. With several hockey players in Alpha Delta Phi, every hockey game was essential and, no matter how cold it was, Fritz was standing along the boards leading the cheers. He also became an avid Zumbyes fan, thanks to Robbie Powell ’60.

Fritz and Robbie designed and built several pieces of furniture and, along with Steve Nisbet ’60, started a carpentry business as seniors that secured work at Alpha Delt and from some professors. A wonderful diversion from academics, especially theses.

Fritz went to high school in Mt. Prospect, Ill., but maintained a love for New England—where he had relatives, including Dick Clark ’60. One summer, he organized a “New England clam bake” on Lake Michigan. He dug a pit in the sand and even obtained seaweed from a local seafood restaurant to help steam the lobsters.

Immediately after Amherst, he spent a summer in Europe with Mac Langford ’60 and moved thereafter to Chicago, where he worked for American Hospital Supply and met his wife, Joyce.

A history major at Amherst, Fritz subsequently received his B.F.T. degree from Thunderbird School of Global Management. He settled in California as a representative for several manufacturers, including DuPont, Pennwalt and Harshaw Chemical. In 1991 he formed his own company, Finishing Service Supply, which engaged in wholesale distribution of plastics. His office was nine minutes from home—no extensive LA commute for Fritz!

Throughout his life he remained especially close to his son, Jason. They loved to fish and collaborated on planning extraordinary dinners. He kept youthful by providing accommodations for various students at California State—Fullerton. His 25th reunion remarks noted his love for hunting, fishing, golf, tennis and computers. Steve Nisbet remembers their occasional dinners together that provoked some fascinating conversations.

Steve Nisbet ’60
Richard Weisfelder ’60

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