Deceased February 18, 2017

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In Memory

Phil McClure died peacefully in his home on Feb. 18, 2017, surrounded by his devoted wife Maureen of 41 years and his family. Phil, the son and grandson of doctors, came to Amherst from Chickasha, Okla. The three of us were assigned to Room 407 at Stearns. On the first day, as we were settling in, Dean Wilson knocked on our door and asked the two of us to come out into the hall. Dean Wilson asked us to watch over Phil as he expected him to be homesick. Phil, the shyer and less athletic roommate, with a little time, adjusted very well to life at Amherst. The three of us happilyremained roommates for all four years, joining DU at the end of our freshman year.

After Amherst, Phil went to medical school at Emory University in Atlanta, Ga. He practiced radiology for 45 years, 35 years in Petersburg, Va. From 1990 to 2001, he was chairman of the radiology department at the hospital.

Phil contributed many hours serving his community. He served on the board of the Southside Virginia Emergency Crew, the United Way, Rebuilding Petersburg and Habitat for Humanity. Phil was a longtime member of Rotary and was involved in Meals on Wheels. As a devoted parishioner of his Episcopal church, he participated in mission trips to Central America and Passport camp for teens.                   

Phil was a man of many interests and accomplishments. He was a photographer, a master gardener and master woodworker. He built many pieces of beautiful furniture and doll houses for his family.

Phil also “morphed” into a more adventurous person. At his memorial service, the Episcopal priest, who had been a friend of Phil’s for 26 years, described him as a person with a “zest for life.” He was a private pilot, as well as an avid sailor and skier.

Dean Wilson had a real knack of seeing the potential in his students.

Phil will be sorely missed.

Bob Weiser ’60
Bill Vickers ’60

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