Deceased December 1, 2019

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In Memory

Stephen Nisbet died on Dec. 1, 2019, from injuries suffered from an automobile accident in Grand Rapids, Mich. At Amherst, Steve was an economics major and member of Alpha Delta Phi. While he hoped that his admission was based on his “outstanding academics, extracurricular activities and determination,” he suspected that his father’s classmate, Dean Eugene Wilson, may have been a key factor.

Following Amherst, Steve took a marketing position at Quaker Oats. Shortly thereafter, he entered Navy OCS, where he received some praise when his unit was inspected by an Amherst classmate who was company commander. He did well enough in Navy Supply School to have a “remarkable two-year stint in Hawaii with travel in the Far East.” After directing marketing for a small Atlanta firm, Steve and an Amherst fraternity brother joined in a business partnership, but “the 70-plus hour weeks led to divorce and a midlife career correction.”

Steve joined government service in the IRS where he worked in the returns department as a manager. He retired shortly after 9/11. Thereafter, he did volunteer work for a local food pantry, our local hospital and various church projects. His hobby was woodworking—he especially enjoyed making toys and games for his nieces and nephews.

After 35 years of being single, Steve met and married his widowed sister’s husband’s sister, Peg Saupe Nisbet, leading him to wonder if he had become “my own brother-in law.” He moved northward to Ohio where he and Peg made a busy life, “volunteering and traveling to Eastern Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji and all around the good old USA.” 

Dick Weisfelder ’60

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