Deceased June 1, 2016

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In Memory

I’m sad to report that Steve Rohrbaugh died on June 1, 2016, in Augusta, Maine, a few miles from his home in Hallowell. Steve and I were roommates during our last two years at Amherst. During our junior year, we shared a three-person suite in Phi Delta Sigma with Bruce Havighurst ’59, and during our senior year, we shared the suite with Bruce’s younger brother Doug ’61. We were among the most studious members of the house. We dated studious women, worked hard and even listened to classical music. Those were good years.

Steve had an encyclopedic mind, and he collected facts about everyone and everything. He knew more about my family—parents, grandparents, etc., than I did, and he was sincerely interested in their lives. He wanted to know how we became who we were and how we might turn out. Sometimes the encyclopedia opened up, and Steve would hold forth on whatever subject was bothering him at the time. He was self-absorbed, but he was absorbed in everyone else as well. I was relatively oblivious, but we got along well.

Steve graduated from Harvard Law School in 1963 and was a Knox Fellow from Harvard at Jesus College, Cambridge University. He began his career as a corporate and tax lawyer with large firms in Washington and New York. During that period, we were groomsmen at each other’s weddings, and then Steve returned to Maine in 1974 to practice law in Rockport and Camden.

Steve is survived by his wife of 42 years, Barbara (Falcone) Rohrbaugh, of Hallowell, Maine; by his first wife, Eleanor, of South Carolina and their son Guy; and by Guy’s wife, Sonoma, and their four children. Steve was quite a presence, and I am sad that he is gone.

Andy Ingersoll ’60

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