Deceased June 9, 2019

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In Memory

Tim Woodbridge died on June 9, 2019. He had practiced trial and appellate law for more than 35 years before retiring from Cigna in 1998. His multi-generational Amherst roots include his grandfather Frederick, class of 1889; father, Donald ’26, son James ’87; and several uncles and cousins. He majored in history, played lots of bridge and served a two-week suspension once for overdue library books. But his self-taught musical skills on the fiddle, mandolin, guitar and banjo were the constant in his life, which included a radio show and participation in numerous traditional music festivals and competitions throughout New England.

Tim is survived by daughter Laura, son James, stepson Sean, stepdaughter Siobhan, two grandchildren, three step-grandchildren and sister Jennifer.

His close friend in Phi Delta Sigma, Bob Holmes ’59, writes, “Bluegrass music was Tim’s passion. Before any of us had even heard of country music, Tim was an expert. He spent hours studying the music of the Carter family, picking out their tunes on his guitar. He had a large collection of instruments ranging from banjos to autoharps to guitars, which he used to entertain us at fraternity parties. We both ended up in New Haven after his graduation and marriage. He introduced me to the folk music scene at Yale, where he regularly joined pickup groups while studying law. We lost touch when his legal career took him to Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Thereafter, a friend from Hartford kept me posted whenever the local paper covered Tim’s bluegrass hobby, so I knew he never abandoned music. A few years ago, I found Tim via Google listed as part of a small bluegrass group and was able to reconnect. He met with several of us from the class of ’59. It was the same old Tim with his guitar and his music!”

Robert Holmes ’59 and Dick Weisfelder ’60

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