Deceased September 24, 2017

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In Memory

William Morrow Weiant, 78, died on Sept. 24, 2017, after a short illness.

Bill grew up in New Jersey, where he attended Metuchen High School. He received a B.A. from Amherst in 1960, earned an M.B.A from NYU in 1964 and served in the U.S. Air Force.

He married Joan Eberstadt in 1967. The couple settled in Little Silver, N.J., an area he had fallen in love with when he spent two college summers there as an assistant club tennis pro.

An economics major, Bill started a 47-year career in finance at Eastman Dillon, and then worked at First Boston, Dillon Read and Morgan Stanley from which he retired as a managing director in 2007. He specialized in bank mergers and acquisitions and was ranked as one of the leading bank analysts on Wall Street.

Bill considered Amherst the most formative experience of his life and gave back generously to the college. He played squash, was captain of the tennis team, served as vice-president of DU, was active in WAMF, Kirby Theater and Olio, and was co-sports editor of the Student.

Bill was poised, almost unflappable, with a sharp intelligence, quick wit and an easy, disarming laugh. He was a skier and golfer, loved the opera and symphony and enjoyed playing the piano, reading and traveling. He was on the board of the Riverview Medical Center, was active in various clubs and supported numerous causes.

Bill believed he had been fortunate in life, but most importantly in marrying Joan and in the family they raised together. He is survived by Joan; his two daughters, Callie (Fritz Holleman of Boulder, Colo.) and Pam (William Campbell of Honolulu); and his five grandchildren. Callie is an Amherst graduate, 1990, and her daughter Claire is a first-year student at Amherst.

Bob Steele ’60
Dave Pennock ’60

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