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Class of 1962 - In Memory

Submitted by Craig H. Morgan on Friday, 1/22/2016, at 3:27 PM

Click on the links below to find "In Memory" pieces and other information for classmates no longer with us. You will find that there are gaps. Please help us fill them by sending in your remembrances and any other information you have to our Class Secretary, Larry Beck ( with a copy to

Name Date of Death
Robert Gordon Allard 05/22/1985
Hugh Ross Chace 12/31/1996
Christopher Jenns Carpenter 02/11/2015
Justin Caulfield Cordonnier 04/15/2015
Anthony Ralph Cotignola 07/06/1967
Bruce Albert Cronnell 1986
Michael D. Ditzian 09/10/2010
Peter Lane Duryea 03/24/2013
Burton David Fretz 04/05/2001
Charles Chasins Gordon 09/27/2004
Jeffrey Arnold Gottlieb 07/01/1975
Jeffrey David Gutcheon 06/23/2013
Robert Peter Hart 11/27/2013
John Thompson Hayes 07/31/2004
Philip Roseman Henningsen 0709/2010
Joel Max Kabatznick 11/25/1995
James Allan Krick 10/10/1990
Jay Stauffer Lehman 05/15/1978
James Louis Lehr 02/04/1989
David Kann Lelewer 02/23/1997
Dominic Manfredi 01/03/1999
Leonard Joseph Marks 11/14/1959??
Benjamin Allen Mason 04/14/1991
Roger Edmund Montgomery 06/12/1987
Charles Griffith Nelson 01/22/1978
Steven Charles Neustadter 01/18/2002
Robert Leon Nixon 01/23/2007
Lee A. Perlman 02/26/2015
Richard C. Peterson 05/01/1984
Michael Laurance Randall 03/14/2009
Richard L. Rosenzweig 12/27/2008
Paul Jay Sherwood 02/14/2002
David Nevins Smith Jr. 11/03/2015
Harold Jeffrey Smith 07/29/2002
Warren C. Stearns 10/11/2010
Charles Danner Stender 01/01/1990
Foster Ashe Stewart 04/06/1998
Glenn Alexander Stewart 04/07/2010
William George Tapply 07/28/2009
Campbell Tatham 10/28/2008
Intis Vanags 09/06/2003
Merrill Van de Graaff 03/13/1974
Eric Walgren 08/23/1998
J. Jackson Walter 07/18/2008
Lewis Richard Whitehead, Jr. 05/31/2009
James Ralph Wiener 06/21/2004
Douglas Cook Wilson 05/05/2008
John M. Young 11/06/2005
Dorn Walker Younger 09/03/2015