Foster Ashe Stewart '62

Submitted by Craig H. Morgan

From The Olio

4705 Fifth Avenue (1-A), Pittsburgh, PA
Prepared by Shady Side Academy
Soccer "1962".
Amherst Review. Double Quartet.
Harlan Fiske Stone Law Society. Masquers, Secretary

Foster Ashe (Fos) Stewart '62, died April 6, 1998.
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Fos was taken from us in April of 1998, by complications following surgery.

Fos' father, a prominent Pittsburgh attorney (subsequently federal judge), died of lung cancer when Fos was only 13, after which Fos was shipped from relative to relative, school to school, until he joined us on Amherst's doorstep in the Fall of 1958, no doubt grateful at the prospect of four stable years. Amherst was very good to him, and he returned the favor, maintaining a life-long loyalty, interviewing applicants in his later years. At Amherst he flourished, was a dedicated actor for the Masquers, an enthusiastic singer for the DQ, and an ardent English major. And it was at Amherst that he met Kathy Weigel, Holyoke Class of 1962. They married a year after graduation.

After graduation, he launched a career as a reinsurance agent for Connecticut General Life Insurance Company. He and Kathy launched their parenthood as well, with the birth of Fos Jr in 1967 and Anne in 1969.

After changing companies and moving to Pittsburgh in 1970, Fos decided he wanted to change careers, and he entered Duquesne University Law School in 1974 as a night student. Following graduation in 1978, Fos left the insurance business and established a successful criminal law practice. He also dedicated countless hours in efforts to restore the grand East Liberty Presbyterian Church, which he had gone to as a boy, but which by the 1980's stood forlorn with almost no congregation in the middle of a very tough, run-down neighborhood. With his help, the church has been reborn, diverse and progressive. He established and staffed a pro bono legal clinic across the street from the church. In 1984 he became Professor of Insurance Law at Duquesne, teaching part-time until his death.

Fos Jr. and Anne delight in sharing their memories of their father with each of their children, and strive to pass along to them their grandfather’s passion for helping others and never taking one’s self too seriously.

--Craig Morgan ’62, Fos Stewart Jr., Anne Stewart Dollard