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112 Pearl Street, Seymour, Conn
Prepared at Notre Dame High School
Political Science
Chi Phi

Lewis Richard (Lew) Whitehead '62, died May 31, 2009
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In Memory

Lew was a sharp observer and loved to tell good stories about his fellow man. When he seemed to come to the end of his story, he would usually add on one or more "...and then..."s with his voice rising to a new level. He would always cap it off with a hearty, infectious laugh. He was great company and my good friend.

Lew loved to compete and hated to lose. He, Dave Cruikshank and I spent more than a few hours playing whist and cribbage at Amherst. I can still hear him chortling as he moved the pegs.

Lew loved his time at Amherst. His car’s license plate was LJEFF.

After Amherst, Lew went to UCONN Law School. While in law school, he met his life long love and future bride, Candy Stephany. They were married after he graduated.

Lew began practicing law in Seymour, Connecticut. He was the town attorney for Seymour and for Woodbridge where he lived. He was active in the community serving as chairman of the Woodbridge Inland Wetland Commission. Later he moved to Southbury where he continued to practice law.

Lew loved his golf. For many years he attended the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Ga. Lew was a member and past president of the CT Junior/Seniors which is composed of outstanding golfers in Connecticut and membership is by invitation only. Lew won many golf matches.

About fifteen years ago Lew became active in A.A. Lew was proud of his work and the help he gave to the other members.

But his greatest joy was with his family. He and Candy had three children, Lewis III, Adam and Katy Dresnok and five grandchildren. Unfortunately, Lew never got to meet his latest grandchild Gwen Louise born on July 27, 2009.

Lew passed away on May 31, 2009 after a long bout with cancer.

---HUGH J. LAVERY ''62

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Lew remained one of my closest friends from Amherst, a bond born playing poker and bridge, partying at Chi Phi and lounging at his summer place on the Connecticut shore. I recall Lew, Bob Ross and I lying on the beach (with some beer, of course) and gazing at the new Echo satellite overhead. We also could not imagine why Lew’s dad had leased a Toyopet or why anyone could possibly want a Japanese car. How little did we know!

 I met a new and far more purposive Lew in 1966, when I first saw him with Candy at Amherst’s homecoming. The positive energy between them foreshadowed the lasting commitment they both made to each other and to their family.

 Our friendship was renewed when my son went to college near Lew and Candy’s place in Woodbridge. I quickly learned, however, that golf had become a central factor in his life, so that visits during spring, summer and fall were better planned after dark. Chris and I loved attending Adam and Katy’s weddings and being part of the extended Whitehead clan.

 When both Lew and my aunt moved to Southbury, we saw more of him and Candy. He became my aunt’s lawyer and later managed her estate. When she and I had a misunderstanding, Lew moved swiftly into the breach, using his legal and diplomatic skills to smooth things over.

 Chris and I last saw Lew in Southbury at our usual lunch, squeezed into his busy business schedule. When he told us about his threatening diagnosis, we were impressed by his fortitude, good humor and commitment to do everything possible to fight the disease. His not being there when we visit Southbury this year en route to my 50th Amherst reunion will take some joy out of that trip. Lew was a wonderfully loyal and engaging friend. We miss him enormously, but look forward to visiting Candy and remembering all the good times we had together with Lew.