Letters to Class of 1963 Reunion Books

Al Bergner

December 14, 1987

seems a long way back in time, but my recollections remain vivid of our arrival on campus in September, 1959, amidst the bustle of everybody moving in at the same time. I recall that the first classmate I met was Steve Rosenblum, who, with his kind parents, made the arrival at college much more hospitable. Returning for our 20th Reunion was great fun, but the Amherst of today can never duplicate the same feeling of beginning a rewarding four years in what was still a pastoral and intimate atmosphere. The new Amherst is a function of the change to "coed", the increased size, the added buildings, the commercialization of the town on Route 9, the arrival by car on major interstate highways and the towers of the University of Massachusetts. The Amherst of 1959 was the quintessential New England small college of Robert Frost with the traditional buildings and traditional educational program developed by Charlie Cole. It is hard for any college to retain that image, but it is gratifying to retain the memories of what once was.

/s/ Bergner