Letters to the Class of 1963 Reunion Books

Dan Israel

Amherst Class of 1963 Twenty-fifth Reunion

3227 –

9th Street
Boulder, CO80302 

                                                                              January 20, 1988

Frank E. Bragg

267 Forest Avenue
Bangor, Maine04401

Re:  June, 1988 Reunion

Dear Frank:

            Anyone interested in locating Dan Israel can find him living the life of a well-heeled high school senior in Boulder, Colorado.  My address is

3227 – 9th St
., Boulder, CO80302 and my telephone number is (303) 443-7023.  I am single.  I live with my daughter Sophia who is 14.  I spend most of my free time outdoors, cycling in the mountains and plains, running, windsurfing, and most of all skiing.  I find myself frequently reading twentieth century biographies, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

            One of my sweetest pleasures is to sit on the south side of my house on a winter day with the warm RockyMountain sun on my face reading a book, the Sunday New York Time, or even on occasion a Robert Frost poem.

            I have my own law practice in Denver.  I represent Indian Tribes and major corporations doing business on Indian reservations and deal with water resources, treaty rights, waste disposal and mineral development activities.  I also am engaged in state and local tax representation throughout the West.  Recently, I have begun developing a national Superfund environmental enforcement practice on behalf of Indian Tribes, local governments and community organizations.

            Life since Amherst has taught me first, to get my duties down, second, to pursue my pleasures, and third and most of all, to get close to God (or whatever name one uses to describe the spirit of our common existence).

            Best of luck on the 25thReunion.  I plan to be there.

                                                                              Very truly yours,

                                                                              Daniel H. Israel


Handwritten 20thReunion Letter to the Class of 1963


3227 9th St
Boulder, Colo 80302

Dear John,

I enclose a recent photograph of me in my ski gear taken before starting a day’s run on the slopes at Vail.  I live in BoulderColorado with my eight her old daughter Sophia, and practice natural resources law (principally American Indian water, mining, and oil and gas) in Denver with a large east coast law firm.

I would like to see myself as someone who has worked hard during the past twenty years to refine my strengths and reduce my weaknesses.  I certainly lead a more orderly and thoughtful life.  I consider myself to be a strongly religious and spiritual person.  I am much happier and more loving in my relations with people than twenty years ago.  I am less inclined to try to control my life and more interested in letter the flow of living take me where ever it is that I am to go.

Aside from these observations, I should tell you that I am very happy living in Boulder, generally enjoy the practice of law, am blessed with a wonderful and loving daughter, have many decent and kind friends, and live a challenging (excessively athletic and unfortunately low on culture) existence.

I typically see no one from Amherst except twice a year I bump into Dave Garton who seems to be universally loved and admired by my friends from Vail.  But I think often of my friends and classmates at Amherst.  And I always remember their energy, their spontaneity and their affection.

While living in a world with an excess amount of chaos and separation I remain optimistic about our American culture and optimistic about many (but unfortunately not all) of the lives of the people I know.  For myself, I feel lucky to be alive.

Your friend,

Dan Israel