Memories and Tributes

Dave Perry

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From Jim Clauson

Dave and Dan (Israel) were good friends at Amherst.

Dan was a sophomore roommate and the first shake me from my suburban WASP complacency.  I wish he'd shaken even harder.

Dave was a friendly voice of peace and reason in our sometimes chaotic fraternity.

From Peter Gerdine

Just got news of Dave’s death from Neale Adams.

A most memorable character!
He was my roommate, freshman year, Stearns.
Steve Grant was his buddy from Noble and Greenough in Dedham.
I can’t say we got along famously the whole time that year, probably partly my fault, being one of the 3 Texans in our class (If that is an excuse).
I remember Dave as a carefree, devil take the hindmost person, although I did hear a vicious rumor that he actually went to law school, UC-Berkeley.
I found that hard to believe, only thing harder to believe would have been to find out that he got a PhD in any field!
He wasn’t exactly the studious type, like my roommate sophomore year, Ralph “Tex” Hanna!
To say that Dave will be missed is extremely trite, given the fact that we didn’t keep up.
I think I saw Dave maybe one time since graduation, at a class reunion.
Still, he had a distinctive personality and definitely not someone you would forget easily, or lose in the crowd of memories!