Letters to Class of 1963 Reunion Books

Corky Michel

Amherst Class of 1963 Twenty-fifth Reunion

Arthur G. Michel, M.D.
211 E. Ohio Street, Apt 1521
Chicago, Illinois 60611

November 10, 1987

Dear Frank,

Somehow, when graduating from college, going on to medical school, internship and residency, it becomes difficult to maintain the relationships and the sense of college loyalty that one might like. Very few of my Amherst friends were nearby. I seemed to have left my friends on the east coast, moved to Cleveland and ultimately back to Chicago.

The life of intern and resident did not allow for a great deal of time to relate to the local alumni group. Spare time was precious and there were little kids to be with whenever possible. It was not until my older son David went looking at schools that I took a slow deep breath and began to think back about Amherst. The first few small New England Colleges that we visited were exciting and all felt familiar in a way. Then came a stop at Williams, which immediately began to tweak my Amherst memories in a more definite way. Memories of old rivalries, friends at Williams and the small college feel rumbled throughout my system.

The next morning was spent at Amherst. That was the first time I had been back since graduation and the sensory overload was unbelievable. I had expected to be blasé and cool as I took my firstborn to the various places that were my college memories. I was a total basket case. I literally ran from one place to another, spouting inane nostalgia as I went. Much to my delight, David went to Amherst, and I have had the opportunity to return there several times. Last spring, at David's graduation, I felt sad. There was a sense of loss, I was leaving Amherst again. It did not seem right. At least I had renewed old friendships and seen many people that I had not seen for about 24 years.

So, where have I been? Following medical school in Cleveland, and training in Chicago, I stayed in Chicago where I am a surgeon in private practice with an academic appointment at the University of Chicago. My area of specialty is breast oncology.

I am the proud father of two sons, David, (Amherst '87) who teaches History at the Dwight-Englewood School in Englewood, New Jersey, and Jeffrey who is a senior at Tufts.

I hope to see everyone at the reunion.

Regards to all,