Letters to Class of 1963 Reunion Books

Pat Ruhl

Amherst Class of 1963 Twentieth Reunion

Patrick G. Ruhl
518 Central Street, Wilmette, Illinois 60091
(312) 256-2951 (Home)

February 24, 1983

Dear John:

The following represents a brief biographical sketch of Life After Amherst and a rebuttal to the greatest living philosopher/songwriter in America -- Tom Lehrer.

After graduating from Amherst, I received an MBA from Northwestern and have been engaged in marketing for a succession of corporations in the Chicago area. I am currently the Vice President of Marketing for Monogram Models, Inc. -- a subsidiary of Mattel. My spouse, Kathy (Kehoe, Smith ’64) and I are pleased that Amherst opened its doors to female students since we have two talented daughters and no sons.

The only issue I would take with Tom Lehrer is direction -- one advances up, not down, the razor blade of life.

We’ll see you at reunion.

Pat Ruhl