Letters to Class of 1963 Reunion Books

Mike Taylor

Amherst Class of 1963 Twenty-fifth Reunion

March, 1988

Dr. Frank Bragg
267 Forest Ave
Bangor, ME04401

Dear Frank:

I just got a letter from Franklin beating on me to write this.  I also just got off the phone with Larry Paine.  We were bitching about the problems we’re having getting the layout for this book worked out.  Now I’m sitting here listening to my wife, Joan, talking to Larry’s wife, Lee, working on the spouses’ program for the 25th.

Put that all together with my memory of driving down the hill last September, as my parents did 28 years ago, having deposited my son at Valentine and it’s a time to be buffeted by so many reflections.

Amherst has continued to advance itself as an institution where the concerns of society are being resolved in affirmative ways.  It has gone through the challenge of coeducation and the tribulations of incredible inflationary forces of the last 25 years and come out the better for it; retaining its role as a primary force in liberal arts education.

I am very proud of my association with Amherst and I have remained committed to an institution that served me well (though I did not recognize it at the time), from which I did not graduate (which I deeply regret) and which I profoundly respect for its continuing integrity.

I remember our 20th reunion (can it actually have been 5 years ago?) as a stimulating (emotionally and intellectually) and fun experience.  I look forward to seeing you all at our 25th.


/s/ Mike

Mike Taylor