Deceased August 30, 1976

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In Memory

Thomas F. Deisroth was killed instantly last fall in a two-car collision at Mountaintop, Pa. A computer program analyst for an RCA plant in the east central Pennsylvania community of Hazleton, he had been driving north to Wilkes-Barre to catch a plane for Ohio on company business. A memorial service was conducted at Trinity Lutheran Church in Hazleton, with burial at Mountain View Cemetery.

Hazleton, Pa., was not only Tom Deisroth’s place of residence. It was also his birthplace (on Oct. 7, 1942) and that of his father, the late William M. Deisroth ‘28, two uncles (F. William Deisroth ‘23 and Philip M. Deisroth ‘37) and a cousin (Peter B. Deisroth ‘59). The family’s Deisroth Department Store is well known throughout the area.

After graduating from Mining and Mechanical Institute at Freeland, Pa., Tom attended Amherst from 1960 to 1963, before receiving his bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania’s Wilkes College. At Amherst he was a member of Chi Phi.

Tom Deisroth is survived by his widow, the former Joan Patkins; three daughters, ranging in age from 2 to 12 years; his mother, the former Hilda Muggli of Sugarloaf, Pa.; and  a sister, Susan, of New York City. A bright young family man is suddenly, shockingly gone. We pray for Tom and that faith and courage may comfort and sustain his loved ones always.