Deceased June 28, 2019

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In Memory

Andy Irvine passed away due to a heart attack while bicycling near his home in Paris. No health indications preceded this shocking and sad event. Andy had for years ridden his bike to his office, taking a tree-lined path along the Seine River. Andy was of Scottish and Mexican descent. He and his wife, Eugenia, moved in 1984 to Paris, where he was secretary general of an international real estate group, supervising commercial portfolios, work that, Eugenie said, “he loved.”

Andy Lawrence ’65 recalls how Andy was enjoyed by his soccer teammates at Amherst—he also played rugby and enjoyed his fraternity’s social life. John Rousseau ’65 reminds us that Andy came to Amherst from four years at the Fettes School in Edinburgh. Once at the College, John remembers, he was “unfailingly classy in an unassuming way, with a sly sense of humor, and unfailingly loyal to us lucky enough to be Andy’s friends.” As testimony to that humor, Andy, having lost sight in one eye due to a detached retina, reported that it was a relief to only need one contact lens.

Andy was a welcome participant at all of our reunions; to say he will be missed this May is an understatement. Andy is survived by his wife, Eugenie; and three children, Annette, Alejandro and Adriana.

Paul Ehrmann ’65