Deceased April 28, 2018

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In Memory

Fred Schaschl died this spring of complications from pneumonia. As a freshman, Fred lived in James Dorm but was rarely in his room, as his concerns to keep up with what he viewed as more brilliant classmates led him to leave any sociable distractions behind. Fred did play freshman football, lining up against the likes of Bassos, Cousens, Eastman and Longsworth, which did nothing to help anyone’s confidence! And when I reached Fred after 20 years out of Amherst, he did not feel he had anything to contribute or share with classmates, so recollections are scarce.

Fred was from Hartford, Conn., and after Amherst attended law school, then got his M.B.A., worked for General Mills for a short time and then was employed in the banking industry. Finally, he became a partner in a limo service in Minneapolis. Fred did some of the driving himself, and his high school sweetheart, Sharon, to whom he was married for more than 20 years, reported that this brought out the best in Fred. He truly enjoyed helping people, transporting them; clients requested that he be their driver year after year. The Schaschls had one son, Chad.

Laird Stuart ’65 was close with Fred at Amherst and afterwards. Then they did not interact for 30 years, but when they did meet, Fred’s “good will, the energy, the wit were all there. …” Amid the storms of Fred’s life, it was a great reunion, and Laird remains grateful for it.

Laird Stuart ’65 and Paul Ehrmann ’65