Deceased April 13, 1968

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In Memory

While visiting Amherst on April 13, 1968, Oliver Welch took his own life. Since graduation Oliver had been living in Aspen, Colorado, and had returned to Amherst for a weekend visit. Oliver had been working as a ski instructor and was well along in the writing of a novel at the time of his death.

Born December 28, 1943, Oliver attended St. Paul Academy in St. Paul, Minn., where he captained the best hockey team ever to represent that school. He received a severe leg fracture during the state championship game and was not able to return to the rink until senior year at Amherst where he was a leading scorer although unable to play the entire season.

A German major at Amherst, Oliver spent his junior year abroad in Munich. When he returned to the campus senior year, Oliver was an active member of the glee club in addition to returning to hockey and skiing, his two favorite activities.

The class extends its deepest sympathies to Oliver’s family.