Deceased March 12, 2016

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In Memory

Peter Hunt Meek, who held the affection and high esteem of his classmates, passed away on March 12 following unsuccessful surgery.

In getting to know Peter, I was impressed by his stellar use of English, in a way that some classmates termed “preppy.” I gained enormous respect for Peter as a student, as in class he seemed always among the best prepared.

Our paths diverged; Peter joined singing groups, I focused on the swim team. But our senior year, we became suitemates in one of the new “Social Dorms,” with Mike Wheeler ’65, Ned Lyle ’65, Ben Bump ’65 and John Sellers ’65, who remembers Peter as “singer, wrestler, Anglophile, Down East accent, dapper roommate in paisley ascot who whistled the Unfinished Symphony and urged me to visit London.”

I visited the Meek home in Brookline, Mass. There, meeting his erudite parents, I gained insight into Peter’s excellence in English and to his commitment as a student.

Peter was awarded a D.Min. from Hartford Seminary. He married Barbara Ann “Bonnie” Beach Meek. Their daughter, Amy, was born in 1979. In 1980, he began a ministry of 27 years at Hancock United Church of Christ in Lexington, Mass.

At our 50th, Peter selected a poem by Emily Dickinson as part of the service he led on Memorial Hill. The verse was, like himself, emblematic of New England’s culture. Sadly, at the next such service, we will have to call Peter’s name. 

To Peter’s daughter Amy, and to his other friends, we pass our condolences. I pray that Peter and I shall one day meet again, and remain friends for eternity.

Duncan McDougall ’65