Deceased July 9, 2011

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In Memory

Roger Scott died in Las Vegas on July 9, 2011. News just now reached us.

Roger was a member of Phi Gam; in fact he was social chairman there. He is remembered as an “outgoing guy from Philadelphia” who enjoyed sports and a party. Roger did play freshman baseball and once got clobbered with a foul ball. A photo taken in 1964 shows him as the only one of the Phi Gam brothers to accessorize his coat and tie with sunglasses and a fedora.

Roger, a psychology major, is remembered for supporting himself through college with a busy laundry route. He was a guest at Jeffery Derge ’65’s wedding. Working for a time as a real estate broker, Roger attended athletic events with Sam Preston ’65 in Philadelphia, where they both lived after college—in fact, Roger was best man at Sam’s wedding. Roger seemed to enjoy placing a bet; perhaps that is what led him to Las Vegas, though he had no contact with classmates over the past decades.

Roger, the son of a bass player for the Philadelphia Orchestra, is survived by a daughter, Elizabeth.

Paul Ehrmann ’65