Eric Dworkin was my roommate and good friend in our senior year at Amherst, as we, along with other roomates in two suites--Bill Bergman, Jim Walker, Dan Chuba, Andy Benkovich, Davis (Reb) Von Oesen, Bobby Lewin, and others (peter King?).  Eric was a lovely, caring, mild-mannered person whom everyone instinctively liked. He and Bill Bergman were both member of Beta Theta Pi, although the Fraternity did not seem to suit his quiet, reflective personality.  

At our 10th reunion, I had a serious surprise when I saw listed on the program the title "Everything you wanted to know about gays but were afraid to ask." with Eric's name listed as the presentor.  I went to Eric's presentation; it was not well attended, but Eric talked about his coming out after Amherst and Columbia Law School, and how liberating that was for him; he was working at the time in Grenwich (sp.) village, and much of his clientele was gay.  I don't believe any of Eric's close friends suspected he might have been gay when he was at Amherst since he dated regularly. But then I knew of no gay Amherst student at the time. 

My reconnection with Eric at our 10th reunion was joyful.  He had not changed much at all, but seemed very happy and content with who he was and how he was living his life.  Please feel free to share your memories of Eric on this website.  He was a beloved colleague of many of you, and I am sure many of you have some wonderful memories of him.


I want to thank John Kroll for encouraging me to write "this recollection of Eric Dworkin."