Deceased January 15, 2008

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In Memory

Classmate Haruhiko Okazaki of Kobe, Japan, died Jan. 15, 2008. He joined the Class in 1964 after he received a degree from Kohnan Univ. He majored in economics. Haruhiko leaves his wife, Teruko. They had three children, Tadahiko, Misa and Masashi. 

At his death, Haruhiko was the president of Familiar Co., Ltd. since Jan. 1, 1976. He had joined Familiar shortly after he graduated from Amherst. It is a firm that manufactures clothing and related articles for babies and children. In addition to providing its products to a large number of department stores, Familiar has had retail stores in Japan and the States. 

Haruhiko often attended Amherst events in Japan. For example, in 1988 he was present at the Doshisha Alumni House in Kyoto when Otis Cary ’43 was congratulated on his being decorated by the Japanese government with the Order of the Sacred Treasure Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon.

Haruhiko returned to the college in 1980 with his wife. They greatly appreciated the warm reception given to him by college personnel. He regretted that he was unable to attend most of our reunions because he was “hoping to catch up with all my old friends again and reminisce over the happy times we spent together in Amherst.” But he and Teruko were able to return for our 25th. At that time, he participated in a roundtable discussion entitled “Sea Changes in the International Order of the East and West” with Jack Forry and Stu Johnson. I regret that Haruhiko will not be able to attend a future reunion. He will be missed.

John McKenzie ’66