Deceased January 9, 2005

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In Memory

Ed Madden died in Westport, Conn., on Jan. 9, 2005, after a six-month battle with cancer. During his final months, he was reunited with his ex-wife Marjorie who performed heroic service caring for his medical and personal needs.

Ed, known as "Fast Eddie" to some, was a '67 original. He seemed a figure in an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel: a product of a storied prep school, handsome, glib and gifted with physical grace and agility. Above all, he was possessed with a "devil-may-care" attitude, never one to let the cares of the world, or the stress of studies, interfere with his pursuit of a good time. Yet this impression was a bit misleading. He was a good student and an excellent writer.

Ed grew up in Kearney, N.J., and graduated from Hotchkiss School. At Amherst, he was a member of Chi Psi and an American studies major. In Pratt freshman year, Ed became fast friends with Ed "Luigi" Lucaire '67. This was to be a lifelong friendship, which concluded only on Luigi's untimely passing. A natural athlete, Ed was the second best tennis player in the class (surpassed only by the redoubtable Christopher "Kit" Kaufman '67).

After graduating from Amherst, Ed worked in public relations in New York. Eventually he found his way into the executive search business with various firms and finally as the president of Madden Associates. He came to live in Norwalk, Conn., where he was active with the Chamber of Commerce, the New Canaan Nature Center, the American Red Cross and the Seaport Stage Company. He was a member of the Williams, Roton Point and Sacia clubs. He also served as our class vice president for a time.

Ed leaves behind his beloved daughters Meghan and Katherine in addition to Marjorie.

Death ends a life, but it does not end our memories. I will always remember Ed's joie de vivre, and I would like to think that Ed and Luigi are together again waiting for us with a keg tapped and with some stories to tell.

Alan W. Havighurst '67