Deceased June 21, 2019

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In Memory

Clark Tibbetts died on June 21, 2019, due to worsening chronic constrictive pericarditis resulting in heart failure requiring surgical correction that proved unsuccessful.

I came to know Clark through lacrosse, also from chemistry class. He was hard-working, goal-oriented, but mostly fun—with a wry smile and keen sense of humor accompanying his storytelling. While he was brainy, Clark was not without love of sport and sports, and he thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with teammates and jocks. Clark was all about getting the most that the College’s liberal education offered.

Following graduation, we went separate ways but reconnected in 2016. The occasion was the lacrosse reunion celebrating Amherst’s undefeated 1967 and 1968 teams. Clark jumped at my invite to stay with me that weekend; thereafter our friendship flourished.

A sense of who Clark became, and what interested him, best comes through his own words.

Lacrosse and pursuing happiness: “I played club lacrosse while at Cal Tech, and at Vanderbilt up to 40. Age, work and second marriage in 1984 brought an end to such, but it’s been a full and happy set of decades since.”

Love of travel with family: “I’m off again with older grandson Emerson for three weeks in Scandinavian arctic [tracing Linnaeus’s travels].”

Retirement activities: “I’m raising hops, chickens and have started a home brewery … to engage with the small craft breweries that are popping up everywhere.”

Our 50th: “My excitement about upcoming 50th reunion—the reunion book has prompted and sustained a deluge of memorable flashbacks.”

Clark’s optimism never faltered. Two months prior to death, he wrote, “I keep reminding myself that if this all works out, I could return to brewing operations and enjoy sharing time with family and friends. Or better yet, just getting around well enough to (re‑)engage with friends.”

Farewell, good friend.

Jack Widness ’68