Deceased August 29, 2018

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In Memory

S. Lawrence Kahn '68

Larry Kahn passed away on Aug. 29 following an 11-year battle with cancer. As his friend Sean Clancy ’78 remarked, “Larry was the epitome of grace and Southern gentility.” Family was most important to him—his soulmate, Susan, with whom he was married for nearly 50 years, and their children, Lowell ’97, a physician; Lani, Larry’s business partner; and Lauren, a photographer.

After Amherst and Navy OCS, Larry served in Japan and Vietnam, then attended Harvard Business School and graduated with High Distinction. He entered the construction industry, where for 30 years he was a leader in South Florida’s home-building boom. He emphasized value and elegance, qualities reflected in his stately home in Coral Gables.

Larry served on corporate boards including Levitt Corp., Florida International Bank and Great Florida Bank, and many non-profit boards, among them the Miami Dade Affordable Housing Foundation Trust and the Miami Downtown Development Authority. He was president of the Builders Association of South Florida and of the Miami Chamber of Commerce, a trustee of Florida International University and vice chairman of Baptist Hospital. He was instrumental in establishing Baptist’s Miami Cancer Institute.

Always devoted to Amherst, Larry was chair of the Alumni Fund 1821 and the Lives of Consequence Campaign/Southeast Region. His committee was the best led and surely raised the most capital! Larry and Susan made a donation to Amherst’s new Science Building, where a garden is dedicated in their honor. Among numerous events they sponsored for the Amherst Association of South Florida, the sensational party they hosted for Biddy Martin will never be topped.

Larry attended his 50th Reunion under medically challenged circumstances. As Class President Gordon Radley ’68 noted, “It was so gracious, heroic and inspiring to have Larry. It says a lot about his feelings for the College and the class.”

Alan S. Bernstein ’63