Deceased January 26, 2007

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In Memory

We report with great sadness the death of Robert Marblestone on January 26, 2007.

Robert was a practicing clinical psychologist in the New York area for many years.  He is survived by his son, Adam; his brother, Howard, a professor at Lafayette College; nieces; great-nieces and nephews.

We remember Bob, our roommate, as a man who while serious and intense could also display a wacky sense of humor.  His interests were wide ranging both academically and artistically.  He threw himself into the role of a lunatic for the performance of Marat-Sade; we know—we were his practice audience.  He had a fine baritone voice that filled the room with wit, charm and warmth.  He was challenging and unrelenting in discourse and debate.  We spent many, many hours over the issues that dominated our time at Amherst: the Vietnam War; the ’67 war in the Middle East; the civil rights movement; the cold war; theater improvisation; and how to make the world a better place.  He was also one of the many passionate Frisbee playing participants in that free wheeling mêlée that was transformed into Ultimate Frisbee.

As frequently happens, after graduation we stayed in close touch for a while; then in less close touch with only random sightings.  This is true not only with our contact with Robert but with one another.  It’s a bittersweet event to both say good-bye to Robert and hello each other.

Robert Fein ’69
Richard Jacobson ’69
Jared Kass ’69