Deceased April 12, 2018

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In Memory

Stephen Cameron Dunn, age 68, passed away on April 12 near his home in Taos, N.M.

He lived life on his own terms, with incredible generosity and compassion. A sailor, builder, teacher, friend and father, he led his life with infinite curiosity, and as a teacher he inspired all his students to embrace that same quality.

His true desire to help the world be better for all was further exemplified by his nonprofit work with development of public housing in San Francisco and as the controller for the California Wildlife Foundation.

Stephen is survived by Sage Elizabeth Dunn of Taos; Robin Cameron Dunn and two grandsons, Talus Cameron Polin and Pike Henry Polin, of Hansville, Wash.; and two brothers, Robert Dunn of Santa Fe and Kevin Dunn of Boston.

He was preceded in death by a sister, Deborah Conrad of Galveston, Texas.

He always took the time to really listen and to quietly respond to what was actually said, and, most of all, he did it with so much class.

Stephen leaves all those who loved him with clear memories of a man who carried forgiveness, love and gratitude in his heart. He lived and died facing into the wind.

Jerry Romano ’71

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