Deceased August 16, 2018

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In Memory

Friend and classmate, Gowan Dacey, died on Aug. 16, 2018, after valiantly battling cancer. At Amherst, he was a member of Psi U and stood at the center of a strong circle of friends. Although Gowan took a break from college after his sophomore year, working in the Amherst-Holyoke area and returning to graduate a few years later, the class of ’73 has always considered him a stalwart member. Gowan spent much of his career in accounting and finance with U.S. Surgical, Bank of America, Greyrock Capital, Siemens and ATOS. For the last decade, he worked hard to advance Amodex Products, the family-owned business in Bridgeport, Conn.

Gowan was a Renaissance man, forever curious about the world. He could talk knowledgeably and passionately about most any topic—about apple varieties with cider producers, the history of rock music with recording artists, global economics with international lawyers.

Gowan savored life. He relished good beer and raved about the joys of garlic and fish sauce as he prepared one of his superb feasts. Copland, Mozart, R.E.M. and Chanticleer overwhelmed him. Gowan delighted in nature’s beauty and cherished family trips to France and Greece. He loved to laugh. Gowan’s decency and largesse were always evident; he was a good man to his core.

Gowan was involved with his community, coaching youth soccer and engaging actively with political causes in his hometown of Easton, Conn. He valued direct democracy and transparency in government, pointedly questioning the established order at town meetings.

Gowan dearly loved his family and embraced the joys and challenges of helping raise two sets of twins. His wife, Beverlee, and his children—Peter and wife Alexandra; Alexander; Marica and husband Blaise; and Nick—were the center of his life.

Gowan’s spirit, welcoming smile and easy manner—and the smile in his voice—remain with all those who knew him.

Peter S. Buehler ’73, John C. Cuddy ’73 and John E. Noyes ’73