Deceased June 27, 2014

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In Memory

Born Oct. 10, 1950, he was the eldest son of the late Wallace and Marian Senten. He leaves his wife, ThuHa; their daughter, Lana; his eldest daughters, Amanda and Genevieve; and siblings Jeff, Alex and Missy.

Having spent his high school years in Mexico City, Jan graduated from the American High School in 1968 and left to attend Amherst, where he studied history. He joined Theta Xi and was active with the college radio station, an activity which, years later, would spawn his radio personality “Uncle Mort” on Rockaholics Anonymous at KBOO Radio in Portland, Ore. He was involved with the protests over the Vietnam War during those days and spent time hitchhiking across the country. In those early thumb-traveling days, he would find himself as far east as Woodstock in 1969, and as far south as the beaches of Puerto Escondido, Mexico, in 1971.

Below are a few quotes from friends and family:

“His love of music also was legendary, and he became a minor celebrity in the realm of ’50s and ’60s popular music. He was interviewed recently on regarding his attendance at this festival in 1969. The mold was broken when they made you. Goodbye, old friend. Keep on rockin’ in the new world.” —Rick Rahn, Boulder, Colo.

“What resonates with me is Jan’s keen intellect and exquisite sensitivity. He would grab hold of a conviction and be way down the road with it before you had time to refute it. Somewhere within him was the sweetest, most naive soul and this I attribute to your Mother.” —Jenni Lockwood, Portland, Ore.

“Growing up you were about the most interesting person in my world. Sixty years later, you still are.” —Jeff Senten, Lil’ Bro

“Thanks for the Memories” —Mom 2001

 Jeff Senten