Deceased February 4, 2015

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In Memory

I attended the vigil and service for Witch on Feb. 12, 2015. It was a very moving event. Matt has a large and loving family. He became ill about a year ago and moved in with one of his brothers in North Carolina who helped care for him until his untimely end.

At the service, several of Matt’s nieces and nephews shared stories of how profoundly their Uncle Matt influenced their lives and pushed them to pursue their dreams. Several of Matt’s brothers and sisters shared stories of his incredible generosity in helping nieces and nephews with extended educational opportunities for studying abroad and other endeavors related to their personal and intellectual growth. 

Matt faced some struggles after Amherst, but he was still able to carve out a successful career and a very happy life. Matt’s most treasured place was his personal library in his historic house in Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y., where he would spend hours reading the Great Books and sharing his thoughts and wisdom on the phone with his many nieces and nephews—always with great sensitivity and humility. 

I maintained contact with Witch for a few years after Amherst, but we hadn’t spoken in a while. It is clear to me, based on what I learned about Matt last night, that it has been my profound loss not to have continued contact and fellowship with him in the years between Amherst and his passing. 

It pleases me that Matt continued to be the highly intelligent, passionate, loyal person with a heart of pure gold that I know and remember. 

Please join me in wishing Matt peace in the next life. May I be fortunate enough to, someday, meet him again. 

John Tucci ’87